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    Simple batch file fails


      Hi Guys


      I have the absolute most simple cmd file here that I am struggling to get to work under Windows 7. I have used very similar things on XP for years without a drama. If i run this manually i don't have an issue. So i am a little lost.


      THe CMD is just copying a file called, reset passwords.msc to the Default User Desktop on Win 7.


      It looks like this.


      copy "Student Password Reset.msc" "C:\Users\Default\Desktop\Reset Student Passwords.msc"



      The deployment package is a bath file.

      THe primary being this install.cmd


      the additional files containing the Student Password Reset.msc file.


      I am wondering if it is how landesk runs under windows 7.


      Any help would ebe gratefully appreciated.

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          if you will modify your script in:


          copy "Student Password Reset.msc" "C:\Users\Default\Desktop\Reset Student Passwords.msc" >> %temp%\whatiswrong.txt


          you at least will see what is wrong with it.


          Maybe the destination file exists already so you need to do:


          copy "Student Password Reset.msc" "C:\Users\Default\Desktop\Reset Student Passwords.msc" /Y >> %temp%\whatiswrong.txt


          You can have a look to the %temp%\whatiswrong.txt file for eventaul errors.