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    Include embedded attachment in SLA notification


      I'm wondering if anyone knows whether this is possible or not.  Basically, we have an internal requirement that a "post-mortem" form (MS Word document) be completed for all Critical system incidents.  We currently have a notification set up on this SLA that e-mails the analyst letting them know they were assigned to a critical incident.  I would like to embed this .doc file in the e-mail that goes to the analyst.  If we build this into HTML, I'm assuming the file would need to reside somewhere so the e-mail can attach it?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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          I'd be tempted to record the post morten review ithin LDSD itself.  Pop suitable fields onto an action (which could include attachment documents), mod the incident process to force this action to be the only one available at (say) resolution and that way you keep thing sin one place.


          In the past I have seen HTML editing done on SLA notifications to include images etc but I think you need to keep them quite small and pop the files on  web site somehwre so you can refer to them.  However you'd then have to get the person to save the document from their email with the document edited, so why not capture that data as part of the process?  Just a thought.

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            Thank you for the reply.  You do raise a great point that we should build this in to the process.  I will take a look at that option.