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    Error in Sending Crystal Report via Email


      Dear All,


      I have outbound email configuration setup in LDSD, and able to view crystal report in Console which resides in the windows server 2003. When I tried to send the report out via email, the error popup...All the credential are correct. What is it i missed out in terms of configuration to enable the crystal report to be send out to an email address?


      Appreciate any advice.Thanks in advance.

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          karenpeacock SupportEmployee



          I've just given this a test in my 732 environment and it does seem to work ok in general so I think it's a mail configuration setting you are looking for.  I do get a similar message if my "SMTP server name" is not specified exactly the same as in my mail client and the same about the "from email address" being my default account. 


          Where to check this would depend on your mail client.  In Outlook Express you check this under Tools - Accounts - Set As Default button.  In Outlook 2010 don't ask me as I can't find anything in Outlook anymore....;-)  No only joking in Outlook 2010 File - Info - Account Settings - and the account needs to be the one set as "send from this account as default".


          Could it be that your default send account might be your own personal mailbox rather than the [email protected] account that you specified?


          Although I was seeing the same "Your server or one of your email addresses supplied...." error I did not see the "530 5.7.1 client was not authenticated" error that you see.  I did a quick search online and depending on your mail client there are some bits of advice about what could be causing this error in your environment that may prove useful.


          Best wishes


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            I got the same problem and here is the screen shot of my error. I have verify the configuration and all are correct.


            Can anyone advise how to solve the issue? Thank You.


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              karenpeacock SupportEmployee

              As I don't think we've seen this issue before I'd recommend raising a support case so we can investigate your environment,


              Best wishes