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    Report Grouping & Scheduled Reporting


      Hi All,


      I have a couple of questions regarding reporting and to reach my goal I need to find out the answer to both of the below questions. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



      1.  Scheduled Reporting


      When setting up a scheduled report it only seems to allow you to schedule Queries and not reports. Is it possible to schedule the reports and how?



      2.  Report Grouping


      I know It is possible to group on various attributes within Query & Report Designer and in ther version we are running (7.3.2) you can group in queries and collapse each group where required. My question is regarding the exporting of this information. Is it possible to export the Group Summaries with a count?

      Example of use (with best effort attached) I want to run a daily report to tell me how many tickets are open at each status.


      As you can see in the example, it groups by status but has to display at least one attribute as there is no count.



      I would be grateful of any help as I have now come to a dead end.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi Simon,


          Sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately, neither of the things you want are features at the moment.  I'd recommend you raise a suggestion in the enhancements forum (Service Desk-ER) for this functionality.  In the meantime, as a work-around have you looked at using Crystal Reports?  These can be used to obtain the information you require by way of the Crystal Reports Enterprise server.