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    Client lost certificate


      Hi all,


      This is making me a bit uncomfortable as we have a large number of clients who rarely (if ever) connect via VPN.


      Core: LDMS 9 non SP1 on Windows 2008 r2

      Client: LDMS 9 agent on Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit


      My own PC has been working fine for a few months however, today I noticed that it was unable to communicate to the core server using the management gateway.  Nothing has changed on my pc that I know of.


      I took a look at the BrokerConfig.exe and it states:"The client certificate is not present.  Select Send to retrieve a certificate"


      I know that it was working fine so my question is:


      Why would it all of the sudden drop the certificate?  And more importantly, how would I know if other computers are having this problem?


      Here is the BrokerConfig.exe screenshot:



      And here is the folder showing that it has had certs in the past: