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    Chained installation with special delivery method




      We're trying to deployed Lotus Notes 8.5.x which on its own is a standard MSI package and therefore very easy to handle using LDMS.  However, we also want to chain Fix Pack 3 (a standard .exe installation) afterwards.  We want to deploy the two packages together at logon with the option to defer the installation, forcing a reboot when it has all finished.


      I have created a new delivery method with the right options which works as I want it - But only with a single package.  When I chain the two packages together, the delivery method kicks in multiple times, i.e. The machine reboots between the two installations and then I get the deferral option page up a second time before the installation of the fix pack - Then there's another reboot!


      Is there a way to stop this?  I want the deferral page to appear only at the start of the chain and then only a single reboot after the second installation.


      Please help!






      PS. We're using LDMS 8.8 with SP4

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          FYI, I have ran into issues with Lotus installs that had undocumented issues until you opened a support ticket. In some cases, it was a server side issue that required a client side fix but the client side install did not support a silent install/upgrade or had other issues that were undocumented.


          It sounds like you are having a couple problems and my guess is that the msi may require a reboot when completing. If your not using a reboot=reallysupress switch or alike, then you may want to look at that.


          Othersiwe, I see you have a few options here.


          A provisioning script.

          Batch file that contains an installation script to complete the task in sequence.

          Dependent packages.


          Some work better than others and it depends on your skill in scripting or knowledge of LANDesk features.

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            I'm just trying a batch file installation now.  I don't really like doing it this way though as it's deviating from the way that MSI packages are supposed to be deployed in the product.  We'll see how it goes though.


            Btw, I think the fact that it's Lotus Notes is actually irrelevant.  If the installations are run manually a reboot certainly isn't required.  In this case though we want to force one to ensure that the Notes single sign-on service is running.





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              zman Master

              Wonder if this would work. Three packages - Lotus Notes, Fix, and a reboot script.  Use :

              • Prelim - Lotus Notes
              • Main - Fix
              • Final - Reboot Script