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    Console Extender Usage


      I wanted to see who is using right click extender and how they use it ? I have been using it for a few weeks now and love it simple things like browsing C$ with a

      right click , Anyone using this for any cool features they would like to share ?


      I would really like to know how to setup emailing to users from lotus notes , This would be good for installing software etc. just to inform the users



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          WiseGuy Apprentice

          We've done a few things other than the ordinary open the C$ share, Computer Management, etc.  A couple of those are running a script to do a remote wake on lan (a script we wrote to use a machine we know that is on (on the same subnet) to send out the magic packet for the selected PC) and a script to temporarily turn off permission required (for cases where the 2 setting does not work properly).  We also use the ps tools (ie. psexec, pslist) to do things like run an Inventory scan remotely when it's not working through LANDesk, bring up a realtime tasklist using pslist.  You can do a lot with the console extender, so much so that LANDesk should look to make it part of the suite.

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            Agreed it would be nice to see this in the suite , I do use PS tools really usefull , Also  desktop free windows tools from manage engine are pretty good

            I like the GP update tool they have and the join unjoin , Not strictly using right click extender but its nice to have all the tools you use in one menu




            lockout status

            product key


            Defrag script

            GP update

            Join unjoin




            Makes for a long list but its nice to have all the info in one screen

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              zman Master

              If you guys have not done so already please vote for the Extender ER http://community.landesk.com/support/ideas/1623