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    Logging out Analysts


      I'm looking for a way of kicking the analysts off the system after 8pm at night - when they "Forget" to exit landesk servicedesk as they leave the building.

      I've turned on the locking policy, so if they leave the servicedesk open and incidents open then the over night background maintenance routines aren't running as they should.


      Considering getting a baseball bat, but apparently I'm not allowed to cause physical damage in the workplace?

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          Mroche SupportEmployee

          Hi Mark,


          Unfortunately there is currently no way to log analysts out of ServiceDesk automatically.  Please feel free to create a new enhancement request on the community to have this functionality added in future.


          The following URL takes you to the enhancement section of the community:


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            I think you're backups will be perfectly OK, even with people logged in.  The user sessions query was origonally supposed to do this sort of thing as you can run it, right hand mouse click and remove all to remove their sessions.  However console then just logs back in again automatically!


            BUT if you were to do a net stop w3svc or stop the pools your apps are using, this behaviour will be stopped in it's tracks.  Then do your backup and restart w3svc or the pools and away you go.


            But you'd ideally wrap this up with some stops and restarts of the services to let them restart once the backups have finishes.