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    LDIScn32.exe Command line syntax error Event ID:39



      I have a problem with my Core server. The inventory updates do not work as only the device name and ID show in the network view. When running an inventory on a device, no software,  hardware or user data is shown.



      The following error in the Application Event Viewer on the core says:



      LDIScn32.exe  Command line syntax error  Event Id: 39



      The problem started after the server was powered on after it had been shut down (intentionally) for three weeks, together with all other servers and pc's.



      I'm running LDMS 8.7 and I have recently installed SP5 to try to solve the issue, but to no avail.  



      Any thoughts what might be wrong?












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          Do you see that event id when running inventory on the core or from a client?



          Also since your environment has been offline for a while, I would start with the basics like make sure you can ping the core by name, can you browse http://core/ldlogon from a browser. Can you also try manually doing a command for a full inventory scan and see what happens "LDISCN32.EXE /NTT=%server%:5007 /S="%server%"  /NOUI /NOCD /F /SYNC". Check your ldscan directory on the core and make sure there aren't any scan files sitting there.



          Also could you upload an ldiscn32.log from one of your clients. Has anything changed in your environment since all these systems have been down. Firewalls, DNS, Domain Controllers, etc






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            zman Master


            Do what sevich says. Sounds like you are just getting mini scans. I would also:





            • Run coredbutil | Build Components

            • Turn on statistics | Configure Services | Inventory Tab | Log Statistics. This will put more detailed information about the scan in the Cores App event log.

            • Clear out Errorscan folder on the core.

            • Are you running any off core inv services?

            • Are the miniscans current or they old (before the shutdown?

            • Also check the event logs (app and event) on the server for that event ID and others pertaining to the inventory service ldinv32 (core) and ldiscn32 on the client.



            It may just be that the clients are way out of sync and they are taking a couple of scans to catch up, however, sounds like a bigger problem.





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              Jed Employee


              This should be fixed in the latest service pack, its a problem with the Inventory Scanner itself.  What Service Pack are you on?  My guess is SP3.






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                Thanks all for giving me things to try to fix my problem!


                I was able to ping the core server, access http://core/ldlogon from a browser. Service Pack 5 was installed, but didn't solve my issue.



                The error messages in the eventlog were only showing on the core server. I also cleaned out the error scan folder (very big), but I still had the problem. Also the core server had LDInv32.exe taking 70-90% CPU time so it was very slow to work with.



                I finally solved the issue by rebuilding the database (Run coredbutil | Rebuild). Yes, I lost ALL landesk settings by doing that, but now I can get good scans again. It didn't take too long to set things up..