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    HII Driver Install Order


      How does HII decide what order to install drivers?




      Can the order that HII installs drivers be set?


      This should be something that is configurable. For example, most machines now come with everything onboard so the first to install should be chipset and in some cases, there are multiples of chipsets that may need to be installed and the order may be important.

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          Please forgive me if I am wrong, I'm just now starting to delve deeper into provisioning.


          Isn't it Windows that decides the order?  HII just copies the files to the hard drive before the system reboots and enumerates the drivers, so it shouldn't matter what order they are copied.

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            Well, I'm noit entirely sure thats the case. I ran into a problem with a Dell 755 that has 3 different drivers for the mobo and it made a difference what order they were installed. If what your saying is the answer, then it might answer why I have seen posts where drivers are copied but are not being installed (incorrect drivers excluded).

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              From the help file.


              A simplified description of the HII process is as follows. Details about the specific steps you'll need to follow and considerations for different types of images are described in the following sections.

              1. When you deploy an image created using HII, the imaging script boots the device to the Windows preboot environment. In the preboot environment, the HII tool will select the appropriate HAL .dll file and load it.
              2. The OS is installed on the device, but before the OS boots, the HII imaging script determines which drivers are required by the device and copies the driver files to the device's hard disk.
              3. The drivers are added to the device's registry, so that when the OS boots the Windows setup detects the new drivers, installs them, and configures the device with the drivers.
              4. Windows then restarts with the drivers running, and the Management Suite agent is installed.


              Does HII decide which drivers to copy during this process or does it just copy everything for that model?

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                I believe it copies everything you define for that modle and lets windows sort out which it needs to install. 


                Basically what this does is make it so you do not need to store all your drivers in the image you just copy the ones needed after you drop the image and before it reboots and installs the drivers with the minisetup (I think its stall called that).

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                  Let Windows sort it out huh?

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                    Well Windows doesn't alwasy do a good job at sorting this out.  I have a Lenovo M90z and the Video driver did not install.  I believe its because windows didn't see a need to because it installed the Standard Video driver. Unsure though.

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                      the minisetup part of windows setup following sysprep is the WHEN part of how drivers get installed.


                      previous posters are correct in that LDMS HII simply copies drivers to the computer which the operator has previously determined as being required; HII does not install anything.  The WHERE part of this is %%windir%%\LDDriverStore plus wherever else Microsoft stashes its version of drivers.


                      the HOW component again relates to minisetup.  Somehow minisetup looks at the system and begins a process of installing drivers; as far as I can tell we have no way of controlling this nor any way of ensuring that the correct drivers get installed.  Previous posters have expressed concerns about drivers needing to ensure a specific install order; others have expressed concerns about the incorrect version of a driver being installed.  Both camps are kind of screwed, in my opinion anyway.


                      it might be worth a look at the sysprep log files to try to identify what gets installed by minisetup.


                      this is a good one to review:




                      there is a phase of this where you can see the drivers being installed, or not.  As it were, I've discovered that a number of drivers that were injected with HII were NOT installed by minisetup.


                      To get around this I have taken the approach of performing a very specific set of controllable installs which utilize SETUP.EXE.  There are two threads going here which describe one way to take care of this with .VBS and other with an .EXE file.  I go ahead and let HII inject drivers for the HDC and NIC and I let minisetup run, but then I manually force most of my installs using the .EXE file I have generated.  A series of scripted installs take place and I get what I need.  The whole process is far more complicated than it should be given that I've paid big $$$s for LDMS 9, but it is what it is and I'm trying to make due.



                      I hope this helps.


                      links to the other threads are as follows:






                      -good luck