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    Question On HII OSD Scripts With LANDesk 9.1


      We're just switching over to LANDesk Management Suite 9 and we would like to use the new HII feature with our OSD imaging scripts. We have previously had a great deal of success with Jan Buelens' excellent "HII Toolkit", and we'd like to know if the new HII feature can handle "setup" drivers in a similar way to Jan's "Version 9.1" of the HII Toolkit.


      More specifically - we have successfully created the necessary driver library and model associations for all the Plug n Play drivers in Windows. LDMS 9.1 creates an OSD script that has a line which injects the PNP drivers into the OS image...


           REMEXEC42=ldrun /qt HIIClient /Autodetect /ostype="Windows7"


      We would like to have HIIClient also inject a folder that contains a collection of Setup drivers - that is drivers and utilities that can't be installed using Windows Plug n Play. The HII Toolkit was able to do this using the AutiIT script "CopyDrivers" and a INI file to match the model of computer being imaged to the correct setup folder in our driver library. Does HIIClient have a similar capability? We couldn't find anything in the manuals or in the KB to shed light on this. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.