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    Software Deployment


      I just wanted to start by saying I am very new to LanDesk. I have installed the LANDesk Management Suite on my lab environment. I have followed the instruction to install the core server and create agent on workstation. I am trying to deploy a .exe package down to one of the workstation. When I started dragging the workstation down to the Package's scheduler. It kept saying "waiting". I clicked on "start now" but it kept saying "waiting". What are the common issues regarding deploying packages? Are there any kind of logs to tell me more detail about what needed to be done? Thanks

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          If it is a policy you may need to wait until policy.sync.exe kicks off, configurable in the agent. You can force that to run by starting the desktop manager on the client, and choosing software deployment portal. This kicks off a policy sync. Also there are support tools on the community that if you install on your remote console have the ability to right click a device and do a policy sync.


          Also while software is downloading to a client, it will stay in waiting. Once it starts installing it goes to Active. I have requested that downloading counts as an Active state to a dev.


          Software downloads to C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\SDMCACHE

          If your looking for policy log files they are in C:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data\sdclient_task###.log ### = the policy IDN, which you can get by right cliciking and choosing info on the policy.


          The delivery method will tell you whether it is a policy or not. The default method for a software distribution package is Policy-Supported Push. This will push the software down to online machines, then turn the task into a policy for machines that may be offline or busy. Once it turns into policy, the machine needs to policy sync to check in for software.


          Support Tools Beta, that are not LANDesk supported but damn good.


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            I also started this tread when we were very new to LANDesk that may help.


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              I have installed the core server and the file server according to the instruction. Though I am not sure if the core server is syned up correctly with the file server. Is there anyway I can check that?



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                Hi David,


                You can manually restart "LANDesk Scheduler Service" on the core server and see how it works.


                If it is still not working, you need to check new generated log file from \managementsuite\log folder and see where it stops.


                If you cannot understand the log content, please paste it in this thread.