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    NOTES does not send email to both Originator or Assignee


      Dear Sir/Madam,


      Everytime an analyst puts a new note in an incident, even after the check mark is set to to both original and assignee, email is not generating.

      I notice that this only happen when I add a note when the status is at 'CONTACTED' (please refer to the attached process diagram).


      If I were to add a note on other process, it will generate the email without any problem, because of the 'Add reminder' Action Instance.

      I tried to add both an 'Automatic Action Instance' and 'Action Instance' for Notes and link them to the contacts and I get an error message saying:


      "Error saving current process: A status of instances has multiple transitions leading from it that have the same primary action. Each transition from a given status in a lifeceyle must me mapped to an action with a different business function".


      When I just add the 'Automatic Action Instance - Add Reminder' it will add a reminder for every action the user clicks.


      If you can - How do you specify to only have the Reminder SENT when that action is a NOTE?


      Note that the Action Instance 'CONTACTED' have a build in:

      Add Assignment

      Add attachment

      Add note

      Add Reminder

      Add Task

      Create Child Incident

      Create Document


      Again - how do I make it so that it will only send a reminder when the user Add a note?


      Please let me know if you have any questions.