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    Default display value for Drop-downs




      I have the following scenario which I am finding difficult to get round:


      I've a 1-1 relationship bewteen change (and change). This allows me to use BOCR to populate the change form from the selection made in the 1-1. This essentially acts as a way of selecting a template. In our case, for standard changes.


      I have put a filter on the attribute to only select the required change records, which is working as expected. However I am finding that after making the selection, the value show in the drop-down is the ID attribute of the change record.


      To get round this I have tried to update the object so that this attribute is not used as the dislpay attribute, but this is not working. When I looked, the display attribute was not the ID attribute as being shown, so I am now at a loss as to where this can be changed, if it can.


      Can anyone provide me with some insight as to where I am going wrong? I'm sure it's something simple I am over-looking.