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    LANDesk 9.0 "Local System" Command Prompt


      With an older version of LANDesk I can run a custom script that brings up a DOS window, runs an MSI or batch file running as the Local System account and it appears on the users screen.


      When using LANDesk 9 I can see the CMD or MSI process running as SYSTEM in Task Manager but it doesn't appear on the screen.


      Just testing trying to use a Custom Script and not Delivery Methods or Distribution Package.


      Is this normal for LANDesk 9?



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          I am also experiencing the same. The Managed script works on 8.8 SP3, but does not work on 9.0 SP2!


          As I can also see, in Task Manager, the launched cmd.exe session is running under SYSTEM account, I think an "activate or allow interactive session" switch may be missing, if one such thing is possible.


          This is a very helpful method to troubleshoot SWD issues, especially suspected permissions related issue.


          Somebody, please help!