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    How do I fix this?  Creating SW Distribution Tasks creates an object reference error.


      Background: I ran into an issue with trying to deploy the LANDesk Agent to unmanaged computers.  I could click and drag the install task over the computer but couldn't drop it and have it run.  Research pointed to a corrupted database, I found a suggestion to run CoreDBUtil.exe, and reset the database.  Fortunately the amount of client PCs is small for now and after the initial panic I started putting stuff back together.


      Now the problem I can't get past, even after running DBRepair.exe, is that when I try to create software distribution tasks I get this error:

      "Object reference not set to an instance of an object."  Click OK and get "This delivery method has been disabled."


      Details of the error are in the attached text file.


      Thanks for your help.