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    need help deploying a folder with content to users


      i want to know how to send a folder full of stuff (files) to users.  just like file distribution, but instead of a file it's a folder with about 10 files.  can this be done?

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          Hi Edgar,


          I am speaking from a LDMS 9.0 SP1 perspective here (not sure what version you are on)


          But this is entirely possible using the "Manage Scripts" tool


          - Place the files on your distribution point in a folder of your choice


          - Open your Manage Scripts Tool


          - Click a group you want to the script to be created in


          - Click the "New File Transfer Script" button that should have become available


          - Give the Script a name and specify the location where the files are to be placed


          - Click Next


          - Specify your disitribution bandwidth options


          - Click Next


          - Specify your preference on the maximum concurrent devices that can run the script


          - Click Next


          - Specify your multicast options


          - Click Next


          - Type in the path to the folder where the files are stored in the first step


          - Click Browse and add the files to the list until you have all of the files you require in the lower box of the dialogue


          - Click Next and Ok to the warning that appears


          - Check the list to ensure you are happy with the selected options and then click Finish


          You can now right click the script and deploy as you would any other scheduled task


          I hope this is helpful




          Terry Courtney