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    Outbound Mail Engine terminated once its triggered


      Dear All,


      Outbound Mail Configuration is configured and the test was successful.


      However, I am experiencing a problem in with the Outbound Mail Engine services, When the services is started, after the system default interval 10 mins is up, it was triggered to run, but the it kept hitting this error ".NET Runtime 2.0 Error". The server is installed with .NET framework 3.5 and IIS version 6.

      The error is as per attached in Mail2.jpg.Anyone has any idea what seems to be the problem/root cause??


      Initially I thought it was the Logon problem so I've try to reset the password using Password configuration Tools, but the error is still coming out.

      I also tried to run the Outbound mail Engine via the system tray, but another error occur "Exiting on Stop". Please refer to Attachment mail1.jpg.

      Any advice is very much appreciated. As long as I get any one of the services up and running the notification will be sent out i believe, pls correct me if i am wrong.


      I try the same Database on my local machine, notification was working fine, when I put the same database into the production server, it wasn't working....What could be the problem...Please advice...