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    Web link shortcut?


      We are transitioning from Zenworks to LANDesk and currently evaluating LANDesk Management Suite version and one "feature" we can't find is how to create a simple web desktop shortcut. In Zenworks it is called created a web app.


      In Zenworks it was as simple as selection New Application, and then when presented with a list of application types (MSI, AOT/AXT, EXE, Web App) we selected "A Web application", entered in the desired URL, selected an icon and associated to users.


      How do we do this in LANDesk?




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          Look up the launch pad.

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            Not much more complicated than Zenworks


            Just open the "Launchpad Link Manager"  which is located under Tools>Distribution


            Right click in the tool window


            Click Add


            Enter the link information and add custom icons etc (remembering to put a checkbox in Desktop under the install link to section)


            Then click the Save button once you are happy you have filled in all the sections.


            You will now see the new link listed in the tool.


            Now just right click the link in the list and choose Schedule.


            You can now add target machines to the scheduled task in the normal way.


            Job done!


            Good luck with the evaluation





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              Genius and quick!


              Thank you both very much!