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    Run task as LocalSystem but display feedback to logged in user?


      I'm hoping someone out there has a creative way to handle this...


      I have created a Software Distribution package for Office 2010.  Our installation is heavily customized and thus takes a bit longer to install than normal.  I want to be able to display notifications to the logged in user while the process is running.  I basically have a batch file that calls a set of HTA's (HTML Applications, with embedded vbscripts) in a specific order, and these HTA's basically provide a UI that notifies the user as to what is currently going on.  The HTA's are static and do not require the user to input or click anything.


      My deployment package works fine, but because it's running as LocalSystem, the HTML-based UI does not display for the logged in user.  Setting the task to run as Current User really isn't an option because the vast majority of our userbase does not have admin rights on the machine.  I also want the flexibility to deploy the package when a user is not logged in.


      So does anyone have any creative ideas as to how I can get around this problem?  I'm guessing I might be able to do something creative using the psexec tool, but I'm not sure where to start...


      Thanks in advance!




      PS - I'm running LANDesk 8.8 SP4.  The client PC's are running Windows XP SP3.