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    Software Distribution Task Fails - 16422


      I have Landesk 9.0 SP1 installed and am trying to push Office 2010 to a client.  I have a scheduled task to do this.  When I run the scheduled task, I get a return code of 16422 - Failed to download all additional files for a package.  I can not find a log file for this to find out where this job is failing at.  I got to the ldlog folder on the core and no log file is located there for this job, nor is there one in the c:\Program Files\LANDesk\LDClient\Data.


      The task is supposed to download all the office files to the SDMCACHE file on the C: drive and that doesn't happen either.


      The odd thing is that I was able to execute this task on a different machine yesterday.  There was a small change to the package and I updated it with the new files and reset the hash.  Still doesn't work.