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    Window 7 System Partiton




      I am trying to format the system partiton for Windows 7.  On the disk installed OS ther system partition has no logical drive letter.  When trying to format this partition LDMS 9 want the logical drive letter.  Is there any way to for mat this partition with LANDesk?  I will be using ImageX to perform the OS imaging and we nee this partition for BitLocker.  Any ideas would be usefull.




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          diskpart.exe is the tool that you need. it is a windows systen tool for CMD. But this tool can create, delete, format and assign a drive letter for partition


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            Yes, you can do this with a Provisioning template (if using 9.0)


            I captured both partitions as .wim files using ImageX.


            When deploying, my template does something like this (I am at home so this is off the top of my head)

            diskpart /s x:\ldclient\rmvol.txt

            diskpart /s x:\ldclient\wipedisk0.txt

            (These remove existing partition info)

            Then I use a series of partition commands to create a 100 meg primary partition and label it as C: (this is just temporary)

            and an additional primary partition (by default it uses the rest of the disk) and label it D:

            Format them as NTFS (quick format)

            Next I do a /apply of the system partition .wim file to the C: drive

            and the data partition .wim file to the D: drive.

            Then issue the make bootable command

            Select partition 1 as the bootable partition

            Select that you want a Windows 7 System Partition

            And then select partition 2 as the data drive.


            At this point, when you reboot you will have a 100 meg hidden system partition and a C: drive that expands to the end of the disk.


            Hopefully that helps.

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              Hey guys,


              I will be posting an article on a scripted installation.  All of the partitioning, drivers and many other setting can be configured that way.  I will call this Hardware Independent Scripted Installation.