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    LD9 PXE Imaging problems


      I imaged PCs using PXE boot in LD 8.8 but got stuck with LD9 now... http://community.landesk.com/support/docs/DOC-1693 is outdated and doesn't help much, so here's what I've done:


      1. Downloaded and installed Windows AIK from MS

      2. Activated AIK license in Landesk - took few minutes and finished successfully.

      3. Created WinPE capture script

      4. Configured PXE Boot Menu



      Everything up to Step 4 - Configuring and Installing the PXE representative is fine.


      Now things that went wrong


      5. ldvpe1.img doesn't exist in \ldmain\LANDesk\vboot, I had to copy it from Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\osd\imaging folder. Is this actually needed for anything in LD9?


      6. copyfile.exe ldvpe1.img hosts i386\system32\drivers\etc\hosts doesn't do anyhing. No error message, but ldvpe1.img doesn't change (same size and timestamp). I looked at hosts file on network booted WinPE machine and it's not the one I created and tried to inject.


      7. Adding drivers - procedure has changed in LD9 so manual isn't helpful. Drivers can only be added to .wim file (Operating system deployment --> Manage drivers in WinPE Image) and even if I do so to the default boot.wim, update PXE boot menu and deploy PXE representative, client computer boots to WinPE but network card is not recognized.




      Thanks in advance for any clues. Version 9 has been available for long enough to deserve some proper documentation, as user who paid quite a lot of money for this product I feel really neglected having to spend days looking for solutions on discussion boards. After all this is not some open source project created by student in his spare time..