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    Public and Private scripts



      I would like to configure the script deployment in a way that multiple people can see scripts marked as private.  - How would I go about this as it seems only I can see these scripts.  I use the scripts to deploy out packages but need to trust the scripts to 2 levels.  Level 1 packages - (All scripts) and level 2 packages which are limited ammounts of scripts. 






      So far I am using the public state to allow everyone to see the level 2 scripts (Limited) and using private to hide the level 1 scripts but need 5 people to see the private scripts.






      Thanks for any assistance









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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Are you talking about Manage Scripts?  OS Deployment Scripts? Some script you have put in a Distribution Package?


          For Manage Scripts and OS Deployment scripts, the only option is public and private.  So if you want more, there are only workarounds.


          However, each script is also a file.  You could try removing the permissions for all but those 5 users on the file itself in the ManagementSuite\Scripts directory.  They could see the scripts, but not modify them.


          Another option is to create a Separate username called scripts and only give those five people the password so they can log in as that user.

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            I suspected I would not be able to do this and have already implimented a specific user who owns the private scripts and made that user available to the peple who need it.






            Thanks again.