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    Can't delete tasks from "Scheduled tasks"


      So, continuing on with our evaluation;


      I created 3 URL links via Link Management.

      After creating I right clicked and selected Schedule.

      Drag a dropped a device onto the task and selected Start now.


      On the device desktop I opened up Desktop Manager and refreshed.

      All three links appear (and on the desktop as well).


      However, after rebooting only one of the links appears, even after several refreshes.


      In the console under Scheduled tasks, the two links that do not appear have the "Active" icon next to them. All THREE status are "Waiting" with Result being "Policy has been made available." All THREE are in the category of "Pending". The one link that does show up has an icon that looks like a piece of paper with a check mark on the top left and green arrow on the top right.


      Confusion- Two tasks have the "Active" icon, but are in Pending.


      For the purposes of starting over (short of figuring out why the above situation is the way it is)


      How can I delete the two tasks that have the "Active" icon? The delete option is greyed out and so are all the options under "Scheduled task - properties".


      I can't even delete the link in Link Management. When attempting to delete I get the following message " (link name) is still referenced by tasks and can't be deleted."