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    Documentation on use of Multicast rep


      LDMS newbie here.


      We are running LDMS 9.0 SP1. I am part of the LDMS Admin group and am getting questions on how to use the mutlicast rep. Is there any documentation that may be helpful? Here is a sample of an email I am trying to answer on this topic:


      "...how to use the multi-cast rep - is it one scheduled deployment or two? Do we have to manually deploy to the reps or does LANDesk do this for us? We need clarification on the steps to do this and that is why we need step-by-step instructions."


      I've done a search on the community but haven't been able to locate anything yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Here is how the MDR works.


          1.  An election process- This is where a machine in each subnet for a scheduled task will be elected as an MDR.  (nothing has to be done on your part for this)


          2.  You specify an MDR in the 32-bit console.  Drag one machine per subnet that is typically on all the time and has plenty of free disk space.  Using this methond when a job starts it looks to those systems first to be the subnets rep.  If that machine isn't available it will fail over to an election process...


          hope this helps

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            It sure does. Thanks for the help!