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    Inventory Scanner Stopping


      Rebuilt my core and updated to 8.8 because my inventory scanner was continually crashing. Still doing the same thing. I have attached the error messages from the event log. Please help.

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          Jed Employee


          Those errors are being generated by your Agents, you'll need to update all of your Agents before the errors will go away.









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            Might be more than that, some of those errors are pretty worrisome... more associated with "corrupt install" or "FUBAR database" than "out-of-date agents" for me. Error 1 is referring to disk space on the database server, not column width. Error 2 is a schema mismatch (could be a 6.x or 7.x agent?), and error 3 is totally unidentified. These days that usually means something bad happened, a lot of the common issues have more-or-less legible error messages now.

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              1) How much available disk space do you have in the database server?

              2) Is the growth of the database data file or log file restricted in any way?

              3) How is the Inventory Service (ldinv32.exe) doing memory-usage wise? Does the RAM usage continue to grow until the service crashes?

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                zman Master


                LOL "Does the RAM usage continue to grow until the service crashes?"






                You mean this is not normal behaivor....   







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                  It almost never happens, Dave! 

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                    egarlepp Employee

                    The error "Not enough storage is available to complete this

                    operation." is not related to DB storage.  I have been having this issue across 2 different DB's and multiple cores for months and since 8.7 SP2.  It is happening right now on one of my cores that is pointing to a DB and on that DB resides another core that is not seeing this issue at all.  Once i restart the inventroy service the errors go away and all is well again.  I truly think this may be more of an issue then we all think and by seeing a few individulas mention it it can be affecting many...  Anyway, i am open to suggestions or troubleshooting to get this resolved..






                    I am running 8.7 SP5 on all my cores




                    my DB is SQL 2000 SP4 qith 8gb of ram and 10gb free of space on Data drive and 25gb of space on LOG drive






                    I have also attached the exact message from the core.

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                      My database server is 2003 sp2 it has 4gb of ram and it has 493gb of free hard drive space. I was having this problem with 8.7sp4 and was told I needed to reimage and should go to 8.8. I know that clients are part of the issue and I am working on getting my 10,000+ machines upgraded. I still think there is more to it than that.

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                        phoffmann SupportEmployee

                        Hmmm ... possible.


                        We usually pick up any error-messages we display in these events from the DBMS and display it there. Interestingly enough, I've only ever heard of this issue (thus far) on SQL 200x ... primarily on SQL 2005, possibly SQL 2000 (though I'm not confident in the latter). I wonder if it's maybe a SQL 200x thing in particular (not had any Oracle-based reports/sightings of this to my knowledge).


                        Problem remains however - we pick up the error from the DBMS - so it's SQL that's telling us this. Is it possible it's running out of swap-space or such? We all know how "loosely" related error messages can be at times - could be something like that. Re-starting the Inventory service could potentially cause the DBMS to recycle its memory usage as well.


                        Next time this happens, could you throw a look at your DB-server and check?


                        Paul Hoffmann

                        LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                          There appears to be a bug in 8.7 SP2 that causes a large number of deadlocks. I talked with my LANDesk TAM, and he gave me this link:








                          This should at least make the inventory service more stable and stay below 200MB. I use 8.7 SP4, so I'm not sure if this works for any other version.

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                            phoffmann SupportEmployee

                            NOTE: Please do NOT give out alpha patches (i.e. "CRxxxx" as opposed to "INV-xxxx"-like patches which are fine) to others. If this patch has been given to you, it is for you and you alone.


                            I have deleted the linked patch from the FTP-server, so as to prevent people from running into issues because of it. If you require a patch, please request it from LANDesk support.


                            Installing patches blindly (in particular without respect to what Service Pack level they were written for) may - at best - do nothing, and - at worst - break things considerably.


                            I understand you're trying to be helpful here, but this is not the way.


                            Paul Hoffmann

                            LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.

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                              Yeah..  Sorry about that, new guy here, won't do it again...

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                                phoffmann SupportEmployee

                                No problem. My concern was reacting before something broke. Guess how I learned to value this lesson (at least I only busted one of my own Cores).


                                Paul Hoffmann

                                LANDesk EMEA Technical Lead.