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    App-V - Totalview IEX (Agent Workstation)


      Hey everyone,


      We're attempting to virtualize several applications for Citrix that do not work in the Citrix environment normally.  So far, we've had a lot of success, with the exception of IEX Agent Workstation.  It's a very odd issue that can actually be re-created in XP and Windows 7, but occurs every time in Citrix.


      When you launch agent workstation, you are asked to enter a "MU" (basically a dept number), then select an agent from a list that is populated based on the MU.  Well, for some reason, sometimes when you click on "Agent" after selecting MU, the program just sits there trying to initialize.  Again, this happens intermittently on XP and 7, but every time on Citrix.


      What's even more odd is that we've found a workaround.  If you choose a "MU", then try to submit the request by clicking on "OK" before selecting an Agent, it will pop up with a message letting you know that the Agent field is required.  If you click "OK" to that message, then try to select an Agent, it works!  I told you it was odd...:-)


      I know this is a tough one, but any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!