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    Cannot keep the default Dashboard when refreshing view


      I have created a dashboard and published it to everyone.  The default dashboard shows with a green checkmark and if you set the new one I published as your default, it gets a green checkmark too.  I cannot remove the default graphical dashboard checkmark and when the page is refreshed, it reverts back to the default, not to the one I published...UUURRRGGGG!  Any thoughts?

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          Stu McNeill Employee

          Hi Sam,


          When you set your new dashboard as the system default this should have removed the green tick from the "Graphical Dashboard".  If you select the old one do you have the action to set it as the system default?  If so try setting it again and see if the green tick is removed from your new dashboard.  If not then I'd recommend you log this with your support provider to be properly investigated.