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    Identify Computer by other factors instead of Computer Name


      Is there a way for LDMS to recognize computers by something else other than Computer name?


      For our operation, when we receive a new PC, we will assign a temporary "Computer Name" and "IP". And then we will install the related application including LANDesk. Then the computer record will update to the LANDesk Server with temp "Computer Name".


      Once we complete the installation, we will send the PC to end user. And re-assign a permanent "Computer Name" and "IP". For example, when we send to a location, we prefix our computer with LOCA, e.g. "LOCAXXX". Then LANDesk will treated it as a new device and create a record.


      So, we will have two record per PC. Is there some way to use a unique ID like serial number or service tag as Primary ID.


      Thank you very much for your help!