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    Thinstalling SAP GUI 7.10



      Has anyone sucessfully thinstalled SAP 7.10. I have it working fine on XP although when I try to run it on vista it does not run. From my impression of how application virtualization works its supposed to be OS independent.



      Any ideas?



      I am using the writecopy isolation mode.






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          zman Master


          What version of Thinstall are you using? Latest prod version is 3.332, Released 2007-12-18.  There seems to be good results on SAP on the Thinstall forums but mainly in XP.  I would upgrade to latest version, if you have an earlier version an rebuild the app. When you say it fails can you be a little more specific.







          If it still does not work then do a trace and open a support ticket.



          How to produce a trace file: 

              - Before executing your Thinstalled application, please execute the program "Log Monitor". If you are testing your virtualized app on another PC, Log monitor can be run from a network share without installation. 

              - Run your Thinstalled app until it fails or operates differently from the native version. At this point use the task manager to kill the application if a error message has appeared. By terminating the application soon after the error occurs, it limits the amount of extra information that needs to be recorded and sifted.  















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            Thanks for the reply... I just downloaded the newest thinstall studio and im going to try and repackage it. The error I am getting on Vista is actually a SAP error which has to do with the app not being able to communicate with the server. If I run the thinstalled app on XP and shutoff the network card I get the same error. Is there some reason why the virtual environment cant see the network info?



            We would love for this to work on the Mac using crossover.. I noticed on the Mac I got the same error as Vista.. So perhaps If I get it working on Vista it shall work on the mac aswell..



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              zman Master

              Do you have any firewall installed on Vista?

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                I got it working.. The sap app does not connect to the machine by the IP it trys to contact it via the DNS name. So the vista machine I was testing it on did not have the right DNS Suffix.. Its working now!!! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!






                Thanks for your help.. The firewall idea got me checking the machine settings..

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                  NP. Thinstall use to have a lot of issues with host files and service files becuase they are  queried outside the application process space, so that was going to be the next thing to look at.... Glad you figured it out...