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    window less action have click option


      Can I make a window less action upon which when I click it will move forward with any window. Example :  "Close"  is a window less action but when its apply in the process then it will not show any click option like with window "Action" . So is that possible to get click option on window less action ?

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          Stu McNeill Employee



          I apologise but I don't fully understand your question.  Could you elaborate or include some screenshots?



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            I have attached 2 screenshots. I want to know that is it Possible to show windowless action on "Action" list as attached in the screenshot by which When I clicked upon that windowless action it will close Like. there is a screenshot of "Close" windowless action attached I wanna put that windowless action on "Action" list by which when I click from the Action list it will directly closed the Incident. Pls let me know are you clear now ? If yes how can I achieve this.



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              Stu McNeill Employee



              Thank you for the clarification.  In the screenshot of your Close action (with green background) this is known as an automatic action.  There is however something called a windowless action as well which you'll need to create.  Here are the basic steps:


              1. Within Process Designer go to the Business Objects panel.

              2. Expand the tree for the object you're working on (likely Incident?) and select the Actions branch.

              3. Select the New action.

              4. Give your action a unique name, such as "Close Incident", and keep the "Allow Association With Window" to False.

              5. Press Save to save the new action.


              6. On the process design add a manual (blue) action to the diagram and select "Close Incident".

              7. Add an automatic (green) action a select "Close" - fill out the window that appears as you'd like the closure to be saved.

              8. Link from a status to your "Close Incident" action, then link that to the automatic "Close" action, then link that to another status.


              Now when you run the process and click the "Close Incident" action it will perform the automatic "Close" action and take you straight to the next status, all in a single click without bringing up a window.


              I hope that helps.