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    Bulk tasking in change management


      Hi All


      Part of our Change mangement process before a Change can be submitted to the CAB, certain staff have to pre-approve the request.


      At present we send out a task to the individuals to pre-approve, each change could have a different set of approvers (usually only 2 or 3).


      Originally, I was going to create an approvers group and task the group, but as the set of approvers can be different for each change request, it was a non starter. Also, we have a calculation that runs to detect if any pre-approver has "rejected" the change request task, so we must have replies from each individual pre-approver.


      Does anyone know a way we can select staff from a list to bulk task in one hit rather then creating a task each time?


      Thanks in advance for any advice.



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          What I typically do is add extra realtionships from user to change, say 5 of them named approver 1-5.  Then have a windowless action called Select CAB members which pops just these fields and the title and allows people to select the users concerned.  Then a few conditions in the process are used to send/not send a task out to the people concerned.

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