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    Updating Images

    fchrappah Apprentice

      Is there a way in landesk to update images in storage. I currently have to download the images onto a pc , apply the updates and capture it back into the shared storage. I am not a fan of imageX and was thinking landesk has a way of doing the same updates of drivers and microsoft. I use LDMS9

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          EMiranda Expert

          if you are referring the LANDesk imaging utlity (imagew.exe) it is not possible because since it is sector based utlity, the image contents become read only if you open up the archive.


          you can however, apply patch updates, software, driver updates using provisioning. After the image is laid down, it will apply the patches you want, software you want, etc...

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            fchrappah Apprentice

            So you mean that , aftet the images have been completed and stored , I can use provisioning to slipstream new drivers and other windows updates into the image? if so how do I do that? Thanks

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              If your using LDMS9 then you need to look into HII.


              In the provisiioning template, you can add all kinds of extra steps, scripts, commands, file transfers, run distribution packages, etc. Try making your images with less stuff in them so that you don't have to open multiple images up to fix one little configuration. Instead, look at making 1 image with just the basics, use HII to install the drivers during the sysprep step and then have the provisioning template push down everything else. Using these steps, you will have few images that will cover all your hardware platforms and will literally build themselves to whatever configuration you want.

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                fchrappah Apprentice

                I understand. But how do i update my curent images in storage. I have already created these images and want to update them . 

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                  EMiranda Expert

                  it seems you want to just take your image, open it up and update it with patches, drivers, files and you will only be able to do that if you switch over to imagex.exe  That tool has those features, but other image tools will have to be done like how I and jmac have said.