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    Software Scan not correct


      I've got a machine that I installed a product on, via LD. The version is 5.3.35. There is an earlier version, 5.3.34 which it replaced.


      LD, however, only shows the older version as installed, even though I have manually run the Inventory Scan against this machine. Additionally, the automated inventory process has already run since the S/W was installed two days ago.


      In looking over the computer itself, the software version is displayed correctly in the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs applet, the application itself and a check of the registry leaves no traces of the string 5.3.34. What the heck am I missing? My concern is that I'm rolling out this program to over 1000 computers and need an accurate check of how many have received it when I run a query.



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          zman Master

          Look at the inventory on the machine. There is an attribute called "Last Software Scan Date" off the root. If the the day of the scan is earlier than the install date of the software, you do not have a correct software scan. You may have your inventory service setup to only scan for software Once every 99 days or something like that. If the date is later than the installed software date, there is a problem. You indicate

          LD, however, only shows the older version as installed,

          Are you obtaining this information from Application Suites or Packages?

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            The Last Scanned date seems correct. Doesn't the manual Inventory Scan also trigger the software check?


            I'm pulling my data from the Application Suites fields. That is the only one, in this case, that shows version ID's.

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              Open the inventoryscanner script and add a /f to the end of the machines_win script and then save it as something like fulleinventoryscanner. Schedule that and add a machine that is showing as not updated and see what happens. If it updates correctly, then its a problem with the inventory scanner that when it runs a mini-scan or a delta scan, its not catching the change. I've noted this happen in the past and it will eventually update.


              ;--- assumes that ldappl3.ini is in same dir as the .exe
              REMEXEC1=<qt/>%LDMS_CLIENT_DIR%\LDISCN32.EXE<qt/> /NTT=%server%:5007 /S="%server%" /I=HTTP://%server%/ldlogon/ldappl3.ldz /NOUI /NOCD /F

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                Thanks....appreciate the quick replies! I'll take a shot at it and report back. 

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                  You can make the same change to the local inventory scan to get a full scan rather than just a delta.


                  I wouldn't suggest you make that a permanent change or run the script on all machines daily because it will generate a lot of overhead and traffic. It might be something you want to keep handy and maybe run monthly or if you need to generate a report or something alike. A delta or mini scan usually get what you need.

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                    zman Master

                    Software Scan runs are dictated by the Inventory Service setting on the core Configure | Services |  Inventory Tab | Software | frequency for Scanning software. As others have indicated you can also force an inventory scan.

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                      Re-ran the Inventory Scan again before making any other changes. Dang! Now the correct version is showing up. I guess it's like written above; that

                      for some reason, it takes time for the scanner to figure out a change, even though I have run it multiple times after installing the software.


                      Thanks again for the suggestions....