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    Landesk ServerManager in LD9


      We just upgraded our LANDesk environment to version 9. The upgrade was really successful and Landesk did a good step forward with version 9.

      We are licensed for LDSM, LDSS and LDSM. Reading all the documentation is not really clear why we should still use LANDesk Server Manager.

      It seems that lots of functions of Landesk server Manager are already in Landesk System Manager. We are using LANDesk Server Manager for a few hundred servers, mostly to gather the system logs and to monitor the services. But LANDesk system manager comes close to Server Manager.

      Maybe someone can explain me the real benefits of Servermanager. We are licensed for it, but I don;'t really know anymore what extra's it offers on top of System Manager.


      Thanks in advance.




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          There is no difference in 9.  Because it is a Server O/S; A server client is required.  All the functionality of Server Manger is now in the server client. Alerting/Monitoring is now part of the standard LDMS/LDSM agent...

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