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    Connection Failed Object reference not set to an instance of an object.


      I have LD Remote console installed on a Citrix 4.1 farm (3 servers)  as published app. It runs for several users, but others started encountering "Connection Failed Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message upon start-up after logon, during "Loading tools and layouts".


      Running Remote console from RDP from each Citrix server is normal/'no errors. Problem consistently appears for given user under Citrix, never appears for some users using same Citrix farm/server.


      The links I've found here refer to the layout directory, but does not seem to apply for this version (9.0sp1), layout appears to be in SQL database, not in file system.


      Does not seem related to Windows or or .NET, because same machine/OS/config in RDP works, does not work does not work under Citrix, but only for some users.


      My thought is the LD layout for the Citrix user/session is corrupted, buy not on the Citrix server.


      If I delete the user profile from each Citrix server in the farm, and create a new one, the same error is displayed during LD start, loading tools and layouts.


      Please suggest what/where I can go next on this. Thanks