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    Landesk Version 8.8 SP4 Solution?


      Hi Good Morning,


           I'm Having problems with our core server, our current set up is Landesk Version 8.8 no SP installed, and a separate DB server. I'm having inconsistency with data on inventory, some devices are not giving accurate results, like on users on Manage> Local users and groups, software inventory, etc..


           I need help. I'm currently testing Landesk Version 9 SP1, but I think I would have problems regarding application blocking since it has a major revision, that you need to manually create a file to for each application you want to block.


           So, will an update on Version 8 to SP 4 solve the inconsistency? And another thing, when I upgrade the core to SP 4, will the old client still report to the core server vice versa? Or I need to push a new client to all agent? or just do a Schedule Update to client?



      Joe Vincent C. Chavez

      IT - CCBP