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    Scripted install for Win7x64


      Hello Everyone,


      Call me old fashioned, but I was curious if the PE environment in 9.0 will support running 64bit windows setup for scripted install. I try it in our current 8.8 SP4 environment and I get the error you normally would by trying to run a 64BIT application on a 32BIT os. "Setup.exe is valid, but is for a machine type other than the current machine"


      I know most are going to Hii and the like, and I would be willing to go that route eventually. But it would be nice to have this option available too, and even better, if we could integrate a new WINPE version supporting 64BIT to our current 8.8 environment as we will not be moving to 9 until sp2 is out for a little while. From what I understand, 8.8 uses WINPE 1.6, which I assume it is running windows server 2003 kernel based on the version number.


      Any thoughts or input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!