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    Imaging Questions


      Good Morning,

      I am new to LANDesk and do not understand the differences between the different Image options.  Could someone please explain the difference between ImageW, ImageW V2, Symantec (I assume this is Ghost) & ImageX (I believe this is Microsoft).  Is Ghost the only sector based option?  How much and what information do the file based options pull, do they pull different partitions, is there data deduplication, are there options that we can specify?  We have also noticed that our systems reboot using the wrong partition after an image has been pulled.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so where you able to change this behavior?  Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

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          I have used Symantec Ghost, imagew, imagew v2 and Imagex in my experience and following is my understanding of them.


          1. Ghost, ImageW, imageW v2

               all the above mentioned does the same thing.. package the system to a unique file with all the information of the system either compressed or not.

          2. imagex

               I beleive it is only for Windows Vista and higher.. and the most robust that i have found for windows 7.



          If you use Ghost, ImageW or v2, updating the image with newer patches is really difficult and requires a lot of time. If you are working on setting up a windows 7 image, use Imagex as that will make your life soo much easier when it comes time to update the image file with new patches and updates. It takes about 10 minutes to apply 30 patches to my Windows 7 image file.


          Following are the three steps to update the image file with new updates (ref: http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/4939-how-to-use-windows-7-dism-by-muiz/)

               1. Mount image file using DISM

               2. Add Package using /add-package switch

               3. Commit and unmount image file.


          If you are thinking about which one does the best compression, i think all the softwares are pretty good at that. Imagex takes the windows 7 base image from 15GB down to 3GB.


          Hope this helps.

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