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    Landesk Agent on Unmanaged devices


      We have recently upgraded from landesk 8.1 to  9.0. Now whane we run a search for unmanaged devices I do get a list. However, I am unable to push the Landesk agent to these devices. Is there a way that we can push Landesk Agent to these unmanaged devices or Do we need to do it manually for each system 

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          Sorry We moved from version 8.7 to version 9.0. Also If any one can let me know if there is any administrato's guide for Landesk Managment Suite Version 9.0

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            In the agent configuration create first an Advance Agent.

            Then select the agent configuration and select the icon in the icon bar " schedule push of advanced agent".

            Now drag the unmanaged computer to the task and start the task. That will do

            Make sure that you configure accounts in the scheduler service that has access to the pc's.


            For manuals, just search Landesk 9 manual, and you will find a great topic with all kind of documents.

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              Alternatively, you can run the managed script named "restore client records".  What it does is push down an executable called ldrunner which is used to execute the inventory scanner (ldiscn32.exe).  If you have performed an in place upgrade your core server name and IP address should be the same, so the inventory will report back into the old (but new) LANDesk 9 core database and be visible from the console.  You can then push agents via the core using advanced agent.