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    Gateway ISO



      What is the best method or tool for creating a bootable CD for the Gateway ISO in order to upgrade an 8.6 gateway to 8.7?  I've tried twice now with two different software tools and when I try to boot the Gateway machine, it looks to the CD, but doesn't find an OS.  I've selected "make bootable", but it doesn't seem to matter what I try. 









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          Jared Barneck SupportEmployee

          Are you burning the CD as an ISO image file or are you actually burning the ISO file to the CD?


          Put the CD into a windows box, browse the CD, do you see the ISO file?  If so you burned it incorrectly.


          Any tool should be able to burn and ISO file to CD.  Do NOT start a new CD and drag the ISO file to it.  Instead, open the .ISO file with the burning software, it should know what to do with it from there.

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            Thanks a lot!  Opening the file was the one thing we hadn't tried.  We've burned other ISO's from other vendors but possibly they can be set up differently?   Usually we just added the iso file and a boot image file.  Thanks again for your help