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    Approving a Task via Email

    Jamie Cannon ITSMMVPGroup

      Has anyone got it set up in their company to have CAB members approve changes via email?


      I would really like to set it up to where our ECAB gets and HTML email that has an APPROVE or DISAPPROVE button in it that they can click on and either trigger the approve or disapprove action?  I know this can be done with using Process Manager, I was just curious if someone could help me out a bit with this.




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          I'd be very interested in this if it is possible.


          We currently use tasks to do this, but we get situations where someone who is not an analyst or is an external user it throws everything out, as I have to manaully enter their approvals in.





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            ChristaMorris Apprentice

            Hi Jamie


            Did you get an answer to this?  I am looking to do the same thing but for an Access authorisation built into an email as the authorising person will not have permissions to ITBM to login to the job and click on an authorise or reject button!



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              With outlook we have found this is extreeeeemely difficult as outlook (and other mail clients) goes to some lengths to stop applications from running embeded code directly from the email.  Hence the idea of launching to a web site which has authentication and so on.


              I'd also love to find an answer, but ...

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                aparker Employee

                The real problem here is that we can't make a Task related to main process move or be updated through the use of email. An inbound email will only talk directly to a main process. This does not mean we 'can't' do this, but it does mean that the current solution requires the creation of an Authorisation process which would in effect be a child of the maion Change. I admit this is not going to be to everyones liking, but it works, so it's up to you guys to detremine if it's acceptable.


                As Dave says, it is difficult to put anything remotely like embedded code into an email, but with the following design you can embed in the email a pre-formatted reply to tag that will send an email back to the system and move the 'Authorisation' process on. I've attached a set of screen shots which show the basic design ideas.



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                  I like your option Andy, but will it handle sending to 3 or 4 Authorisers for each Change request?





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                    At one customer site we solved this problem by using child changes instead of tasks.  One "major" change creates child changes that are created as either  child changes or "changetasks". Still yet a changeobect.  This way we could use mail to update the "changetasks" as well. Another feature the customer wanted was to create a multilevel task architecture where "changetasks" can create new underlying "changetasks". This was  possible to achieve by using the same method.


                    Finally we created a second  change to change link to the toplevel change in all the change objects. By doing this we could populate underlying "tasks" in the tab on the toplevel change independent where or by which underlying change or changetask that created a "changetask". And on the top level change instantly populate if any note, attachment has been created or updated in any of the underlying "changes"  or "changetasks".


                    It works real neat if I may say so.



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                      Hi Andy,


                      this is a very nice workaround. Thanks a lot.


                      But one thing I noticed is that the Authorisation or Rejection create user is always the 'System' user.

                      Is there a way to have the note raise user as Authorisation or Rejection create user?