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    Calls being logged without mandatory details

    neil_p1000 Apprentice

      HI all

      im looking for some advice if possible


      We are getting Incidnets logged where the mandatory fields have not been completed ie Details field. So my questions are


      1. How is this possible as I have tried to replicate Incident and cannot (I get an error saying mandatory field require information).


      2. How can I close such a call as It wont let me because mandatory field have not been completed and the details field has been set to read once.



      Any help would be appreciated



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          If the incident is logged from email, that might be doing it.  You can fill in some of the blank areas with a template on the email mapping.  You could also have the process check to see if any mandatory fields are not being filled in and then force an action to make people do it.  The current standard full incident processs has an exampe of this if you wanted to see one in action?


          On item 2 if you generally want to keep fields as write once, then you need to create another incident window which doesn't have those fields set to be write once and set up a window rule to use this window for somene like SA or a supervisory role to allow them to make the mods.  You could also make the fields non-write once in window manager if that is generally acceptable.

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            Analysts can trick a mandatory field by entering a space, so the field is not technically null.


            We use window view rules so that administrators use a seperate incident window.   The admin window looks exactly the same but the fields are read/write so we can correct issues like this.




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              Stu McNeill Employee

              Hi Neil,


              As Tom said its possible to enter a space and this passes the mandatory check, however Console doesn't recognise this later on and this could be the problem you're seeing.  This has been logged as problem 4795, I'd recommend you contact your local Support to confirm if this is the behaviour you're seeing and have your instance of it attached to the problem record.