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    Logon -- saved User Name: and Core server:


      This is a simple question with an answer that I hope is not so simple I look like an idiot, but ......


      I log onto the LANDesk Management Suite Version 8.80 at two different offices.  At one office, the logon screen has the User Name: and Core server: already saved from the previous logon.  At the other office, I must fill these in every time.


      I've searched and can find nothing on this.  How do I get the name and core server to save at both locations?


      thx . . . Ed

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          I have LDMS 9.0, so your results may differ, but see if you have C:\Program Files\LANDesk\ManagementSuite\CoreConnectionMRU.xml on the servers.  If you have it on the one that remembers and not the other, copy it over, editing as needed.

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            The file did not exist on one machine.  I know, now, what went wrong.


            I use a profile that is a limitied user for daily, routine work.  I use another profile only for work requiring Administrative priveleges.  As my limited user, I do not have Modify or Write priveleges to this folder.  I obviously never have logged onto the Management Suite on this computer while logged in as my Administrative account.


            Many thanks.