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    Install Autocad 2010


      Hi all,


      does anyone have experience with installing Autocad 2010 with LDMS. I have a customer which have an issue with the install.

      What they do is copy all the files with robocopy to the local disk and launch the setup program with a batch file. So far so good. The install runs fine, but at the end LANDesk will report it as failed.

      With Autocad 2010 you can’t just run the MSI because of the path length of the directory structure, it’s to long.

      So we are looking for a method that does the job.


      Thanks for your help,




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          Frank Wils ITSMMVPGroup

          Hi Jan,


          Try starting the install with setup.exe /w This tells the setup.exe to wait for the complete installation process to finish. You should also be able to just start this as a distribution package from a share.



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