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    Creating custom reports from a pre-defined/standard report.






      The following is an excerpt from the Help panel - Reporting section:



      "Note: If you want a customer report with the same query data as a predefined report but in your own format, you will need to create a custom report that utilizes the same query parameters and then apply your formatting using the report designer."



      When I right click the standard report I would like to customize, the "Property" feature is not available. Does the above excerpt then imply I need to build the query by relating the report column heading names to the applicable query names and use the Report Design module from "scratch" because there seems to be no access to the standard reports design?



      If this is the case how can I produce a customized SLM "Group Compliance" report as the Query function does not permit access to the compliance information as I presume this information relates to a Product rather than a workstation device.






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          LANDesk V 8.6.x and up use Active Reports from a company called Datadynamics. The "Canned Reports" are stored in the Reports.xml and the Reports Table in the Database. These "Standard Reports" were not really designed or intended to be customized I dont believe (although with some advanced information it can be done).The best way for us Novice types is to create a new custom Report and use the RPTQry from the Add Query List for the data and then use the Report Designer tool to customize the look and feel.



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            Thanks for the input. I think your "Novice types" suggestion implies developing the report from "scratch" albeit using the knowledge of what information is contained in the standard report.



            You have peaked my curiosity and interest with the "advanced information it can be done" remark. As the second part of my question indicated I want to reference SLM compliance information that is software product related rather than the "Add Query" relationship of workstations only. If you or someone could provide the "advanced information" approach that may show me how the standard compliance report queries the database for compliance information that would be appreciated.



            I am not at the client's site today to test the following thought but is another approach because I know the table name and fields with the compliance information, to update an existing query entry with the applicable table and field names to access that information? If that works how would I "trick" the query to specify which fields to display as I think I can only select fields not manually enter their names.



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              I am afraid you are well past my capability in Active Reports here. There is an HLD that should be available to you if you are an ESP. There is also advanced information on the vendor's site but that will take time to research... The queries are basically just SQL statements running against the Vulnerability table but the report is totally dependent on the query. The Query table holds the Predefined Queries for the canned reports (-RPTQRY) and I suppose these could be modified directly if someone knew SQL REAL WELL. I don't know the answer about fields to display but I believe the list presented is dependent on the columns that are present in the Data Query.