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    Where is the console install for 9.0 SP2

    rabinod Apprentice

      This is a tech I work with that is not remoting into the server to launch the console, and I need him to have the to full console on his dekstop. Was the full console install in the SP2 download, or is it a seprate download.


      where can i find the full console install for 9.00 SP2, not the full install, just the console install?

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          zman Master

          SP2 is just SP2 and is not the full version. You can re-download 9.0 with SP2 baked in using the self service portal.  So if the remote workstation does not have the console installed, and you have the Full 9.0 version with SP2 baked in:



          From the manual:
          To install an additional console 
          1. From your Management Suite installation media, launch the autorun.
          2. Click the Remote console button.
          3. Click Continue.
          4. If the prerequisite check passes, click Continue. Otherwise, fix the missing prerequisites.
          5. Click Run setup.
          6. Follow the installation prompts.


          If the remote client already has a 9.0 console installed just install the console patch: