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    Windows 7 deployment procedure




      I'm new to LANDesk.

      I'm unable to find the document for Windows 7 deployment.

      If anyone has step by step procedure, kindly send it to me.




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          I am also looking for a "step by step" - best I could find was this:




          but it's still more of an overview.  Even the help file in LDMS seems lacking.


          There really needs to be an "OSD for dummies" type of document/video/walkthrough but I mostly see things just point back top these forums...

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            welcome to the community, where answers are only weeks or months away and seldom are either complete or from an actual landesk employee.



            I'll try to do my best with a link here:





            This is a rather involved process whereby you need to not only have your landesk ducks in a row but also have a thourough understanding of general windows 7 deployment using sysprep.


            You should read that document start to finish about 3 times a day for a solid week.  Download the linked files located at the bottom of the document and figure out how to import them into your console.


            I think this is the best place to start as far as I have found; after a lot of work we were able to get some decent results with modified versions of the template provided in the link.


            good luck.

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              @ Robsantos


              I've got an even better idea....



              why doesn't landesk simply bundle common tasks and templates with their product so that customers don't have to go searching for them or have to start from scratch?...!!!


              I was dumbfounded when, after a full day of setting up my core, I discovered that the landesk console arrived almost completely 'empty'.  That is to say that I couldn't use it to do anything after all the work of getting it installed.  It took me a solid week of doing nothing else before I was able to get the thing to capture a Windows 7 image and deploy it.  Landesk must realize that at some point or another users of this product are going to need to deploy Windows 7.  Why not simply ship the product with several different ways of doing this already setup?


              I'm sure I'll hear someone say that "not everyone wants to deploy windows 7 with this product, so that is why it isn't included"...but this is a cop-out in my opinion.


              Its like I bought a $5000 compiler and now I have to go to school to learn how to write code for it; LDMS 9.0 is the most imcomplete product I've ever purchased or used.

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                @AspenSkier - I swear you're an alternate me or something.


                Thank you for stating what I was only thinking! 


                "Why not simply ship the product with several different ways of doing this already setup?" - PLEASE!!!!

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                  @ Rob,


                  the next thing you'll be told is to submit a feature or enhancement request, only you won't be able to do this because the forum for those requests is hidden from you.


                  I used to be able to get into it; in fact I made a few myself early on in this process.  I can't get in there anymore.



                  aside from the merit in having a feature request portal open to paid customers...I don't understand why someone would even have to ask Landesk for something as stupid simple as including a set of provisioning templates for the world's most popular business operating systems, ie XP and 7....????...!!!  This point extends well beyond just windows O/S deployment.  Undoubtedly Landesk paid staff has tested thousands of actions/tasks with this product but when they ship it they include like only 2 of them.  Quite silly!