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    Query Criteria Question


      Hello all,


      I'm trying to put together a dashboard query that'll show our team leaders all calls that have been in the current group for over a week, without being assigned outside that group; I'm having a little trouble perfecting this.


      Here are the criteria I have set so far, which is far from perfect as you'll see:


      Status.Title Is Not One Of (Resolved, Closed) - To filter these out to only show active calls.

      Latest Assignment Group Is Current Group - So that returned results are based on the group that the user (team leader in our case) is currently in.

      Latest Assignment.Creation Date Is Older Than (1 Week(s)) - Only calls where the latest assignment is over a week ago (and the point of the query) are shown.


      Now the trouble with this is, and what I'm struggling to get my head around, is if someone in the current group simply re-assigns the the call to another analyst in the same group this will invalidate the last cirteria mentioned above.

      Is there any way to setup the criteria so that any assignments created to the same group or to different analysts within the group doesn't invalidate the query?

      As ideally this should only show calls that have never been re-assigned out of the current group for at least a week.


      Perhaps there's some simple solution to this that I'm missing, any help greatly appreciated!